Bonita (aka Bonita Episode)

22 months old · Female · Brindle · Cat Tolerance Unknown


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Bonita is a lovely sweet petite hound who is looking for her forever home. We have had Bonita for a few months now, and she is beginning to come out of her shell.

The first thing that must be said about Bonita is how strikingly beautiful this 50lb little lady is. She has a gorgeous brindle coat with a cute little white spot on her nose. It is fun to walk her around the neighborhood and hear the comments about how cute she is.

Speaking of walking, she does pretty good on a leash. She doesn't pull, but she loves to stop and smell the “posts” whenever she has a chance. She is not bothered by car noises or bikes on walks, but louder rumbling strollers and school buses are a bit intimidating, so you will want to keep the leash wrapped around your hand when walking Bonita. She has never gone after any dogs while we are out walking, but did try to bolt from a very rude jack russell who was not under its owner’s control. Despite that odd experience, she has joined in the pack’s morning ritual of the daily walk with gusto, even jumping a bit to express her excitement to go for the daily walks.

Bonita is currently being fostered in a home with two other greyhounds, and she has had no trouble with either. She has tried to play with our goofy male a few times. Our female is pretty bossy, and Bonita has been happy to follow her lead in our home. I would not say she is particularly attached to either of our hounds, she tends to spend time on her own, and prefers to play with humans rather than the other hounds. When she gets playful she does tend to do a bit of nipping. This doesn't break skin, it really feels like a pinch, but it might be scary for little kids.

When Bonita first came to us, she had a curious habit of sneaking into our bed during the middle of the night. Honestly, it was sort of adorable. I got the feeling that the new sleeping arrangement was a little frightening to her. However, dogs are not allowed to sleep in the people bed. Overtime, and with consistency, she has learned to sleep in her own bed through the night.

In fact Bonita really thrives on consistency. She loves having a routine and knowing what to expect. I think this helps her understand her place in the home and she can relax when she feels like she knows what is going on. This is really important for her, because Bonita tends to be shy with new things and loud noises. Her instinct is to leave any situation that is uncomfortable. She is not a “ghost”, but she lacks confidence with loud noises and new situations. Some examples of scary experiences and noises include the ice machine from the fridge (she hides on the couch in the same open area), bouncy grandchildren (she heads to the bedroom for peace when she has had enough), and the most dreaded, the robot vacuum (moves to the other side of the house).

Bonita’s most favorite thing in the whole world is food. She absolutely loves to eat and so much so, she gets really active and bossy when it is breakfast or dinner time. She is happy to remind you if you dare to forget what time it is. We have used this to our advantage to help her with some of her fears. For example, she was scared to go thru the puppy gate when we first put it up, anxiously approaching it and trying to decide what to do. It just so happen shortly after we put up the gate it was dinner time, well nothing, not even that scary gate was going to keep Bonita from supper. She went through the gate, and after a few more times of helping her through, she now has no fear of the gate whatsoever, and happily uses it without coaxing every day. Bonita is a quick learner, especially if food is involved.

Bonita’s other favorite thing is going outside in the yard. She will bark at strange sounds or heaven forbid a squirrel is on the fence. It is so crazy how brave she is out back in the yard. She loves to lay out sunning several times a day.

She has done well with the few storms we have had this summer. You can tell the sound of thunder is a bit alarming to her. What we found is we just play it cool and ignore it, she quickly goes back to normal. She has also done well with potty training. She will normally get your attention by yapping at you if she needs to go out and you don't notice.

Even though she is not a confident dog, with patience and kindness Bonita will reward you as a sweet loving and loyal hound. Set up a meeting and you will see for yourself she is beautiful on the inside and out.

Bonita Bonita

Updated: 23 September 2015 12:01:48