Luckie's Auction
July 16, 2015 - July 27, 2015
Open Now: Bid, Bid, Bid

Luckie Auction

We have been also working feverishly to set up an Online Auction, and now it's all ready to go! We have close to 70 items, to tickle your bidding fancy, with items ranging from tee shirts and jewelry to art and antiques. The auction will close on Monday, July 27, 2015 at 9:00pm Central Time.

Head on over to and check out the items, then bid, bid, bid on your favorites. Have fun, and Good Luck!

Lucky Dog

Luckie in gate

From the road, drivers could see what appeared to be the skeleton of an animal, its head sadly caught between two gates. But the creature – yes, it was a Greyhound, a female, was still alive and still had a chance.

Her skin still stretched intact over bones and sinews, and miraculously her heart still beat. She couldn’t speak to drivers going past on both sides of the road. If they saw an animal in trouble, it didn’t concern them. The scene would not change that day or for many days after that in south Fort Worth, at a botanical garden near Timberview Golf Course. Although the setting sounds benign, it has become a dumping area for unwanted animals.

How long had this sweet girl been wandering without food and water? What desperation drove her to push through the gates, only to become trapped?

All it takes is one compassionate human to make a difference, and fortunately that person, Khristina, stopped her car to help. She was able to free the exhausted Greyhound and put her in the car. She provided food, water and bedding for her silent but grateful friend, who did not even whimper about her situation. At this point, this once-beautiful hound, now covered in ticks and fleas, weighed only 39 pounds. Khristina contacted Italian Greyhound Rescue through Facebook. Over the next few hours, Khristina connected with Greyhounds Unlimited.

GU volunteers Doug and Micky Nielsen have taken charge of the newest rescue, believed to be about three years old, and she has been checked out by GU’s vet. She was diagnosed with ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosis, two serious tick-borne diseases. Her neck was also treated for cuts and bruises where she tried to free herself. She is still too weak to be spayed. She is no longer abandoned, and improving daily, but when she’s better she will need a home.

We named her Luckie. You can help make that name a reality. Your help is urgently needed for Luckie so we can bring her back to health and find help her find her forever home.


Greyhounds Unlimited maintains a Special Needs Hounds Fund to help dogs like Luckie, but as with most adoption and rescue groups, there is always more need than there are funds. Follow the link for instructions to donate using PayPal or by sending a check. And remember, your donations to Greyhounds Unlimited are always tax deductible.

We are also working feverishly to set up an Online Auction, with close to 70 items, to tickle your bidding fancy, with items ranging from tee shirts and jewelry to art and antiques. The auction will open on Friday, July 17, 2015 and run to Monday, July 27, 2015. Watch for our eNews Special Edition, or on our Facebook Page for the link to the auction!

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Greyhounds Unlimited is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization with no paid staff. Your support is always needed and greytly appreciated, especially by the hounds. Cash donations are always welcome, and 100% of all donations support the ongoing needs of the greyhounds in GU's care.

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Current Greyhounds Available for Adoption

Can You be that Bridge to a New Home?

We are still in dire need of foster homes for our incoming hounds. Foster homes are the bridge that leads to a forever home for our adoptable hounds, giving them a head start on getting accustomed to living in a home instead of a kennel, teaching them all the new and wonderful things they will encounter in a home that they may never have seen before.

If you are ready to give fostering a try, please send an email to One of our foster coordinators will contact you to talk about fostering and how you might be able to help, what your obstacles might be and how we might overcome them together. We all want this to be a successful experience for you and your new foster!

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