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Fundraisers for Pepper and the "Oops" litter

Our three fundraisers, Online Auction fundraiser for Pepper and the “Oops litter”, **Art Raffle**: Milestone of Grace: Celebrating Ginger's Journey, and the Online Donations were all a greyt success!

Our mission was and still is clear: to provide the "Oops" litter and mom with the care they deserve. We refuse to let financial constraints hinder their journey towards loving forever homes. To achieve this, we set a fundraising goal of $12,000 and everyone who participated made it possible to meet and pass our goal.

Pepper and her pups, picture provided by Cathy from Oklahoma

Mother greyhound named Pepper with litter of 7 pups In the heart of Oklahoma, a compassionate individual reached out to Greyhounds Unlimited to help secure a brighter future for a furry family in need: a mother dog accompanied by her eleven adorable puppies. They were destined to become coyote hunters, and she didn't want that life for them. Looking at those sweet little faces, we just couldn't let it happen either. So, of course, we immediately said yes, we can help. Two of our great volunteers rented a van and made the all-day trip to pick up Pepper and her pups and transport them to Texas. Now, their journey begins, but not without its challenges. Each step towards their well-being comes with a cost – a cost we aim to alleviate with your support.

The "Oops" litter, as they've come to be affectionately known, embodies the resilience and hope found in every wag of a tail. Despite their humble beginnings, these puppies and their devoted mother have shown unwavering spirit. However, their path to health and happiness is paved with financial obstacles. On average, our cost is over $900 per hound for normal veterinary care.

Our mission is clear: to provide the "Oops" litter and mom with the care they deserve. We refuse to let financial constraints hinder their journey towards loving forever homes. To achieve this, we've set a fundraising goal of $12,000. We will be holding several pop-up fundraisers over the next few months to help us reach this goal. This will cover essential vetting costs and ensure each pup receives the medical attention they require to thrive.

Your support is the cornerstone of our efforts. Every dollar donated brings us closer to our goal and closer to securing a brighter future for each member of the "Oops" litter. Your generosity will directly impact the lives of these pups, offering them a chance at a happy, healthy life.

The journey of the "Oops" litter is a testament to the power of compassion and community. Together, we have the opportunity to rewrite their story – one of resilience, hope, and unwavering support. Your generosity has the power to transform their lives and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow. Join us in making a difference and helping these deserving pups find their forever homes.

Online Auction fundraiser for Pepper and the “Oops litter

Milestone of Grace greyhound painting oil on canvas Online Auction fundraiser for Pepper and the “Oops litter is from May 2nd to May 12th. The Auction features over 40 greyhound-themed pieces by renowned artisans including Black Horse Design, Northcoast Greyhounds, Shannon O'Reilly, Beth Wade, Feathered Gems, Charly Blair, and others.

**Art Raffle**: Milestone of Grace: Celebrating Ginger's Journey and Supporting Greyhounds in Need

Milestone of Grace greyhound painting oil on canvas

Let's come together to celebrate Ginger's milestone and make a positive impact on the lives of greyhounds in need. For each $25 donation you will be entered in the drawing for this beautiful painting as well as have who it is from and either or both "in Memory of" and "in Honor of" added to the "Milestone of Grace". Thank you for your generosity and support.

Go to to purchase your tickets and to see all of those who have participated in this raffle go to

Embark on a journey of compassion and support as we celebrate a remarkable milestone in the story of Australian greyhounds. Ginger, the affectionate five-year-old, embarked on a monumental journey aboard Qantas flight 0007, traveling from Sydney to Dallas. Ginger became the 500th NSW greyhound to grace American soil.

Greyhounds Unlimited is thrilled to be in partnership with the GRNSW "Aussie Mates In The States" rehoming program, and it is with immense pride that we welcome Ginger into the GU family. Her journey symbolizes the spirit of resilience and the power of companionship that greyhounds bring into our lives.

In a beautiful collaboration between artist Denise Saleh and Russ Feilen of GRNSW, a stunning painting capturing the essence of Ginger's milestone has been created. Denise's generosity shines through as she graciously donated this masterpiece to support hounds in GU’s care. This painting transcends mere artistry; it stands as a symbol of unity for greyhounds worldwide.

Join us in honoring Ginger's journey and supporting greyhounds like her by participating in our fundraiser. Every ticket purchased for the raffle of this remarkable artwork directly contributes to providing medical care, rehabilitation, and loving homes for greyhounds in GU care. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of these remarkable animals.

About the Painting
The painting is an original oil painting measuring 30" x 24" and on 1 1/2" deep stretched canvas with gallery finished edge. Suitable for hanging with or without frame.

Updated: 07 June 2024 04:23