Darcy Adopted

18 months old · Female · Black & White · Cat Tolerance Unknown



Darcy was very nervous when she first arrived in foster, pacing around the house, and not settling into one of the many cozy spots her foster parents set up for her. In less than one week this beautiful girl discovered the retired life is not so bad and now sleeps happily on her crib mattress during the day, chews on her bone, and enjoys being near her humans. Her favorite part of the day is when her foster dad comes home from work. When she sees him come through the door her tail wags a mile a minute. Darcy is calm in the house and does not bark. She loves to go on walks and is a great walking buddy, however she is still learning that she can turn her head while walking without turning her whole body. She is never interested in the birds, bunnies, frogs, or other small moving creatures outside and may do well in a home with cats or small dogs (although she has not been tested). Darcy sleeps in a crate at night with the door closed and has been left a few times in her crate while her foster parents run errands and has done very well. Stairs were a new adventure, but Darcy conquered them like a champ. Now her foster parents have to put a barrier on the stairs, so she doesn’t go up and down all day.


Updated: 23 September 2015 12:01:48