10 months old · Male · White w/ Fawn Greyhound Cross · Cat Tolerant



Through no fault of Oakley's, his original owner decided to re-home this Greyhound Cross and turned him over to GU at about 10 months of age. Oakley has not made any house training mistakes since coming to his foster home; he started following the lead of the resident Greyhound by going out when she did and has now started asking to go out for himself. There are two grumpy old lady cats in the foster household and Oakley has been very respectful of their space, shown no interest in chasing them, and seems to be waiting to see if they will make the first move toward friendship (they haven't :-) ). Oakley crates well and is starting to do so upon request. He sleeps through the night in the crate. Oakley is very friendly, affectionate, and playful with both his foster Greyhound sister and humans. Oakley needs to work on leash manners, but is making great progress with the use of a Gentle Leader head halter. Oakley responds well to verbal correction, but he is still a playful puppy with a short attention span and needs a home where he can get the training and direction he needs.

Oakley Oakley

Updated: 23 September 2015 12:01:48