Erin (aka Way Too Big)

5.5 years old · Female · Brindle · Cat Tolerance Unknown


Pedigree Information

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She has fur like velvet; you won't be able to stop touching it, and that's fine with her. She loves to look into your eyes while you're petting her; she's definitely a Velcro dog. This petite brindle five-year-old will gladly crawl into your lap and into your heart.

Erin walks well with an easy-walk harness in quiet neighborhoods, but she will look to you for protection from those big noisy trucks! Her favorite trick at home is to empty the toy basket and carry the toys all over the house. She loves playing and being with other Greyhounds, and a house with one Greyhound already would be a special bonus for her.

Erin is looking for a very special home to love and protect her. She was born with a condition called "megaesophagus, " and so she will need to be fed several times daily with small meals of high-quality canned food, mashed to a soft consistency. She takes a medication at breakfast and dinner to control the condition. This will enable her to digest her food and stay healthy.

A diagnosis of megaesophagus used to be a death sentence. Severe cases would make it impossible for the dog to hold down food and water. Fortunately, Erin's condition is well-controlled. She knows her routine and is happy to cooperate with anyone taking care of her.

She needs someone who will be at home during the day to feed her. There is a financial commitment as well, due to the extra cost of the food. She will also need to be prevented from eating extra food outside of feeding times. So, no sharing and only certain kinds of limited snacks for her.

We know that there is a perfect family (maybe yours?) waiting for Erin. Someone is ready to love her and commit to taking care of her, for all her life. If that's you, Erin is ready.

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(Thanks to Marilyn Mathis, the author of this article)

Updated: 23 September 2015 12:01:48