Turbo Adopted

2 years old · Male · Black Greyhound / Saluki Cross · Not Cat Tolerant



Turbo is a beautiful black glossy boy. He's very shy and fearful until he gets to know and love a person, then he comes out of his shell. He has a lot of Saluki in him, and those traits come out frequently. When he runs in the backyard, he resembles a gazelle. He uses his paws a lot, and will gently scrape his nails on the door if he wants you to come out of a room. He will also tap your leg when he wants your attention. When his people come home, he will leap in the air with joy, and, boy, can he leap! Turbo naturally runs very hot - he's a virtual doggy furnace. He rewards love and pets with little butterfly kisses on the hand. He will swing and thump his rear end into a nearby human leg, and lean until all his weight is against that leg wanting a good butt-scratching.

Turbo has gradually evolved from jumping and running from any small noise, to barely noticing noises he hears every day. Sudden loud or unexpected noises (e.g. dropping the top of a pot on the floor) will still send him scrambling to his crate. He does NOT do well around children, as they make sudden strange scary noises. Turbo has come a long way, but he's a long‑term project, and is not a dog for someone who does not understand, or will not make the attempt to work compassionately with, a very fearful animal. He's an easy keeper, eats well, and is house trained.

Turbo Turbo

Updated: 23 September 2015 12:01:48