Andy Adopted

2 years old · Male · Black · Cat Tolerant · Origin: Australia



Andy is a sweet greyhound from Australia who turned 3 years old on January 11th. His forever home will need to give him a little time and space to settle in and get comfortable as he can be somewhat timid at first but Andy has experienced muffled New Years fireworks, rainstorms, strong winds, and even a little hail since coming to his foster home and has handled all without any sign of discomfort.

We have seen no signs of aggression toward the nearly 19 year old cat in the household and while he seemingly would like to play with her, Andy is very respectful of her space – even when she tries to tease him. Andy loves to play with toys, the other 2 greyhounds he is living with, humans, and he is learning that things like pillows, rugs, and dust rags are not toys (although he has not tried to destroy anything). He will present his head with a gentle nudge when he wants to be petted and loves to have his ears rubbed.

Andy is doing very well with house training. His forever home may have to work with him a bit on letting the humans know when he needs to go out; he has been following the lead of the resident dogs when they ask to go out.

Andy crates well and is learning to go into the crate designated as his on command. He also likes to go in one of the crates just rest, relax, and snooze. He has been sleeping through the night on a dog bed in the bedroom with the rest of the human and dog pack. Andy mastered the stairs on his second day in his foster home.

Andy Andy

Updated: 12 April 2023 07:17:01