Twilight (aka Moe Jones ) Adopted

3 years old · Male · Black · Cat Tolerance Unknown


Pedigree Information

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Twilight is a 3-year old black male, born 2/11/14. There were 3 puppies in his litter, all black males: named Larry, Curly, and Moe. Twilight is Moe, actually 'Moe Jones' on his pedigree. Then early this year, Moe was picked up as a stray in Fort Worth, and Greyhounds Unlimited began caring for him.

Twilight aka Moe has been in his current foster home since 5/21/17. He gets along wonderfully with the other dogs in the house (all sighthounds), he’s playful but not destructive. He’s a calm, quiet, sweet boy who craves human attention. He is sometimes a little on the shy/cautious side, and there have been a few people who instantly seem to frighten him, we’re not sure why. Good eater, crates easily, walks beautifully on leash. He figured out the pet door within a week, to his foster mom's delight.

Twilight Twilight

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