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We are forever greytful to our past supporters of the Senior & Special Needs Greyhounds Food/Care Fund.

Our 2011 Supporters:

Alan and Mary Middleton
Mark and Vicki Bober
James Blair
The Crane Family


Our 2010 Supporters:

Shaaron S. Kemp
Kat Wayland, in Honor of Shannon Wiggins, a greyt greyhound owner and lover
Alan and Mary Middleton
Mark and Vicki Bober


Our 2009 Supporters:

Debbie Bagley
Doug and Micky Nielsen
Alan and Mary Middleton
Mark and Vicki Bober


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Our 2008 Supporters:

Doug and Micky Nielsen
Alan and Mary Middleton
Catherine Sears
Julia Ballard
Glenn Englehart
Mark and Vicki Bober
Carpe Canem


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Our 2007 Supporters:

Debbie Smeeding / Bagley
Sandi Fisher
Alan and Mary Middleton
Doug and Micky Nielsen
Catherine Sears
Kandon Sloan
Vicki Carter and Mark Bober
Pat Johnson
Yolanda Eisenstein
Richard Nelson and Carol Enkoji
Tom and Gail Moffat
Larry and Alice O'Hearn
Stanley and Sharon Scott
Northcoast Greyhounds
Carole Clark
Mary Conner
W. Wayne Clark
Berda Dowdy
Lori Story
Richard and Constance Heidenreich
Patricia Reddell
James and Betty Haynes
Larry and Leigh-Anne Morris
Joseph and Susan De Liso
Richard and April McClure

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Our 2006 Supporters:

Carole Clark Sandra Fisher
Vicki Carter Danny and Denise Saleh
Katherine Howell Michael Norman
Danielle Tucker Elizabeth Rudyl
Karen Rasmussen Alan and Mary Middleton
Tom Crull Yolanda Eisenstein
Deborah Smeeding Doug and Micky Nielsen
Melissa McCurley Catherine Sears

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Our 2005 Supporters:

Tom Crull   Alan and Mary Middleton
Sandi Eakin   Micky and Doug Nielson
Jim Roberts   Catherine Sears
Tammy Haenftling   Wade and Kay Stanley

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Our 2004 Supporters:

Tom Crull   Micky and Doug Nielson
Dr. & Mrs. Wick Culp
(In Memory of English Rose)
  Donna Posavitz
Pat Durrwachter   Danny and Denise Saleh
(In Memory of Ozzy)
Deborah and Dan Merrell   Wade Stanley
Alan and Mary Middleton    

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Our 2003 Supporters:

Hila Blochowitz   Dan & Debbie Merrell
David and Leslie Brewer   Alan & Mary Middleton
Laura Bunton   Micky Nielsen
Michael & Mary Jane Conner   Gloria Ray
Tom Crull   Jimmy Ross and Steve Thompson
Pat Durrwachter   Denise Saleh
Dave Gillen & Lois Teed-Gillen   Nevin & William Spiller
Christiane Gonzalez   Wade & Kae Stanley
Cindy & Michael Gray   Randy & Nan Stegall
Dwain & Dawn Houck    

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Our 2002 Supporters:

W.A. Ayres   Alan & Mary Middleton
Walter & Judith Baggs
  Buffy Milner
Hila Blochowitz
  Micky Nielsen
Vicki Carter
  Ellen Osburn
David Lee Cole   Margaret Pettijohn
Patrick & Christine Cullen   Steve & Nova Pickels
Sandra Eakin   Drew & April Powers
Charles H. Free   Jeff & Patty Randolph
Dave Gillen and Lois Teed-Gillen   Jimmy Ross and Steve Thompson
David & Sharon Gouwens   Julie Rowe
Katharine Hassell   Danny & Denise Saleh
Ann Howard   Wade & Kae Stanley
Jim & Elizabeth Lloyd   Randy & Nan Stegall
Steve & Carol McPike   Jackie Woods
Dan & Debbie Merrell    

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