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Greyhound-List Adoption Donations (GLAD)

Greyhounds Unlimited has been selected as the GLAD (Greyhound-List Adoption Donations) Group for March, 2002. If you're curious about what this means, visit and click on the GLAD button at the bottom of the left-hand frame.

If you are one of the GLAD donors, please accept our warm "Thank You" and AhRooooo from the hounds. (AhRooooo is greyhound-speak for "Thank You".) Please scroll on down, too. You have been recognized in our GLAD Honor Role.


AhRooooo from...
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GLAD Honor Role

Greyhounds Unlimited wishes to thank the following individuals for their donation through GLAD:

Tricia Adkins John & Julia Hartley J Roberts
David & Sara Barnett Laura Hayek Corey Russo
Linda Ann Linda Hess Danny & Denise Saleh
Tammie Arceneaux Connie Hilker Eileen Saks
Janet Arnold Sue Horner Lynn Santilli
Anonymous Asheville, NC Joy Jarfors David Savage
Loretta Atkins David & Janis Jones Jim & Dianne Shadle
Bonnie Baron Jeanne Johnson Catherine Shannon
Diane Beeler John & Susan Knorr Linda Shier
Kathryn Binder Janelle Krusper Millicent Smith
Anonymous Birmingham, AL Hazel La Nasa Thomas & Marilyn Smith
Melissa Boos Paul Lee Gwynn Spearman
John & Barb Bradley Susan Lemon Diane Stalder
Anonymous Canton, OH Patricia Luter Art & Sharon Stefanski
Anonymous Chicago, IL Carol Macherey The Swett Family
Gail Clarkin Diane from Massachusetts
Patricia Tanzi
Pamela Congersky Bob & Deb Mazanec Diane Tothero
Amy Cravey Kay McNelis Anonymous Tucson, AZ
Stephen & Cathy Daniels Geraldine Milio Brenda Trautman
DOGTOGS Ila Miller Len & Irene Ullmann
Amy Doherty Lee Minardi Sharon Van Vuren
Gloria Dorn Chris Mitchell Susan Verhault
James Eaton Clifford & Debbie Mosier Stephen & Kathleen Vining
Scott & Suzanne Ewing Northcoast Greyhound Support The Willmer Family
Donald Fluckinger Robin Norton Paula Wilson
Onoosh Gahagan Phyllis Nunn Della Wireman
David & Virginia Garrett Suzanne Palmer Lise Witter
George & Hiroko Gray Jack & Saran Peak Kathleen Wolan
Greyhound Friends, Inc. Elaine Perriman Richard & Patricia Wright
Greyhound Gang Beth Petch Barry & Karen Young
Greytwear Anonymous Philadelphia, PA Elena Young
James & Jennifer Greene Daryl & Ashley Piner Veronica Zolina
George & Marcina Grimberg
Maryann Protz  
Michael & Valerie Gustovich Merci Riccardi  





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