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2003 Holiday Angels

The 2003 Angel Honor Roll  
The 2002 Angel Honor Roll  

Thank You to all the Angels who joined GU in making 2003 a wonderful holiday for all the greyhounds in our care. Take a scroll through The 2003 Angel Honor Roll to learn who joined the Choir of Angels for our precious hounds.

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The 2003 Angel Honor Roll

Greyhounds Unlimited is deeply grateful to the following Angels
(the hounds they're watching over appear in parentheses):

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Peyton, Debra, Kelly, Daniel and Daytona Allen (Thalia and Velma's Diamond)  
Marie Amiel (Divine, Jolee, Reynoldo, Rossi & Rudd)  
Debbie and Bob Bagley (Gwenivere)  

Sharon Bennett (Thalia)  
Carol Boubel and Baby Bee (Mojo)  
Hila Blochowitz and Chuck Hardaway (J.J., Jolee, Racey Jan, and Thalia)
Hila Blochowitz and Chuck Hardaway
    (Autumn, Beavis, Brady, Dacha, Greymoor, Maverick, Onyx, and Senna)
    [In memory of Tina Hardaway]
Jennifer Bowman (Diorr and Franknzen)  
Janis Brown (Bishop and Blaze)  
Sherry K. Burnette (Wiley)  
Don and Nancy Callas (Divine)  
Dave and Sarah Christianson (Montoya)
    [For Reno]
Candace Clark (Tiki)  
Brad and Kathy Cleveland (Armani)  
Steve Cobb and Ruthanna Sweatman (Chester)  
Carole Coffman (Cajyn)
    [In memory of Thia and Jocylin]
Ron and Vicki Collins (Brady and Jolee)  
Hope Combest (J.J.)  
Michael and Mary Jane Conner (Chester)  
Christy Crump (Montoya)
    [Merry Christmas]
Thomas Crull (Blaze, Diorr, Franknzen, Kobe, Montoya and Pueblo)  
Linda Cumby (Pueblo)
    [In Memory of Shayla, from one angel to another.]
Gynia D'Angelo (Egypt)  
Chris and Maryann Danna (Wiley)  
Patricia Durrwachter (GiGi Lightfoot)
     [Nicki and Velma are helping support one of Velma's sisters this Christmas.]
Dave Gillen and Lois Teed-Gillen (The Abandoned Ones)  
David and Shari Gouwens (Franknzen)  
Pamela Graham (Pueblo)  
Tammy Haeftling (Haven)  
Lara Hague (Cowboy)  
Austin J. Hardaway (Maizey)  
Joyce Heineman (Halle)  
Karen Hyde (Senna)  
Karen Keith and David Derr (Bosco)  
Andrea Kraus (Bosco)  
Sylvia Kraus (Rudd)  
Margaret Leach (Blaze and Kobe)  
Wendy Leighton (Jesper)  
Jennifer LeRay (Cowboy)  
Elizabeth and Nicholas Mamey (Griffin and Maizey)  
Gale McPherson (Autumn and Beavis)  
Steven and Carol McPike (Handy and Keeper Woe)
     [In memory of Annie McPike]
Jim Michener (Montoya and Pueblo)  
Sherri Miller (Pueblo)  
Tom and Gail Moffat (Chester and Rudd)  
A. L. "Mike" Moniot, M.D. (Brandy, Chester, GiGi Lightfoot, Greymoor, J.J., Racey Jan, Rudd, Senna, Thalia and Velma's Diamond)  
Sonny and Karin Morgan (Franknzen and Pueblo)  
Jamie Morris (Aaron, Chilly, Handy, Lizzie II, Parker and Willow)  
Heather Neese (Willow)  
Kathy Nellenback (Racey Jan and Velma's Diamond)
    [In memory of Susie Q.]
Micky and Doug Nielson (Onyx)  
Kim Nikles (Kiva and Val)  
Robert Palmer (Gerico and Pop Fly)  
William Ray (Chaser)  
Kim Roberts (Brandy, Gwenivere and J.J.)  
Edwin and Tawnya Saracay (Sallee)  
David Savage (Dorothy, Greymoor, Maverick, Montoya Prom Queen, Rhoy and Senna)  
Sharon Scott (Lancer)  
John and Roxy Selman (Chaser and Chaser)  
Joyce Shatteen (Rhoy)  
Will Simpson (Keeper Woe and Sultan)  
Emily Slagle (Bosco)  
Deborah Smeeding (Gwenivere)  
Scott and Donna Swisher (Spitfire)  
Steve Thompson and Jimmy Ross (Bishop and Pueblo)  
Patrick Ullrich (Armani and Tiki)  
Elizabeth Verhault (Griffin, Kouch, Sallee, and Tiki)  
    [Watching over all the greyhounds in GU's care.]
Mitch and Kim Vest (Aaron, Chilly, Dorothy and Egypt)  
Peggy Vroman-Gracy (Bosco)  
Bryan and Eileen Wadie (Bishop, Blaze, Gerico, Lancer, Lobo, Mikah, Mojo, Razor, and Val)
Lesa Warren (Brandy, Bubba, GiGi Lightfoot, and Haven)  
David, Joanna, Madeline & Aubrey Wasden (Diorr and Montoya)  
Jim, Holly, Liza, and Jackson Wehmeier (Divine)
Helen Westmoreland (Velma's Diamond)  
Stefanie Williams (Willow)  
Kymberley Woodard (Kiva)  

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