Aimee (aka Deco Ama Dream)

22 months old · Female · White & Red · Cat Tolerant · Origin: United States


Pedigree Information

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Deco Ama Dream is a beautiful white girl with red markings who goes by Aimee. Her fur is soft and she has "Mabeline" eyes that she uses to melt hearts. Aimee turned 2 years old on March 21, but she still loves to play like a puppy – with the 2 resident greyhounds in her foster home, with humans, with toys, and even by herself. Aimee especially enjoys spending time in the backyard at her foster home where she runs, stalks squirrels, and just hangs out when the weather is nice. In fact, one of her little teenager rebellions is to not respond immediately when called to come in. She is also very affectionate and loves chest and belly rubs as well as ear scritches.

Aimee eats well and is doing great with house and crate training. She has been going in her designated crate on command, and sometimes before being told as she has learned the routine of when we crate. Aimee sometimes chooses to go in one of the crates just to nap, rest, and relax in a quiet, calm place; and is also being crated at night. Her forever home will need to work with her on communicating when she needs to go out potty as she is currently following the lead of the 2 more mature hounds when it comes to making business trips, but she is not making potty mistakes in the house.

There were no signs of aggression toward the elderly cat and they nosed each other without any drama. Mostly Aimee ignored the cat unless the cat initiates contact. Specifically, the cat figured out that Aimee won’t go up the stairs and so has taken delight in sitting about halfway down and ‘talking’ to Aimee. Aimee responds with a higher pitched playful bark; they have quite the conversations. We are working with Aimee on going up the stairs, but this is a continuing process. While in her foster home Aimee has experienced loud noises, rain, thunder and lightning, and yes even a solar eclipse without reaction.


Updated: 12 April 2023 07:17:01