Phoebe Adopted

3.1 years old · Female · Black · Not Cat Tolerant · Origin: Australia



Phoebe is an adorable, active, happy, kissy little girl. She loves her humans and likes to stick close to them. Although she is 3 years old, she still has a lot of puppy in her. When you walk away from her when she’s excited, she might just try to grab your ankles. One of her favorite activities is moving textiles. She doesn’t care if it’s bedding from a crate, a sock on the floor, throw rugs, or the hand towel hanging low. She’s very curious and loves to investigate every nook and cranny of a house. Phoebe loves balls, stuffed animals, bones and anything that squeaks. She’s hard on the stuffed animals, though, sometimes ripping out the stuffing. She also loves to retrieve. When thrown a ball, she will bring it back enthusiastically. She can also catch food flying through the air. She’s very smart and quick to understand what is acceptable – yes to getting on the couch, no to getting on the bed. Phoebe won’t hesitate to barge through barely open gates to get into a new area to explore. Phoebe is crated at night, and is fine with that. She does not enjoy New Years’ fireworks or thunderstorms. They make her nervous. She gets along well with the other dogs as long as they understand she’s the queen. Phoebe does enjoy a good chase in the backyard. She runs circles around the other dogs. She also ran joyously in the recent snow and doesn’t seem to mind the cold when she goes out.

Phoebe Phoebe

Updated: 12 April 2023 07:17:01