Mary Kate (aka Hey Mary Kate) Adopted

23 months old · Female · Black · Not Cat Tolerant · Origin: Ireland

Mary Kate

Pedigree Information

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Kate is a greyhound brought from Ireland and in order to help with the additional expenses incurred their adoption fee has increased from $550 to $750 plus Texas sales tax of $61.88 for a total of $811.88.

Mary Kate is the doggy equivalent of Kramer on Seinfeld. You never know when she'll race toward you and come to a sliding stop at your side. She's very funny to watch. Her fanny is tucked a lot as if she's ready to explode into action at any time. She's tiny (55 pounds), but very fast. Occasionally, she'll race around the backyard, but not as frequently as expected. She's a nice combination of affectionate and independent, not too clingy.

Mary Kate's doggy social manners are not well-developed and she might poke her nose into another dog's food bowl or keep trying to play even when the other dog doesn't want to. Mary Kate loves toys and chewy bones, and prefers that they be strewn across the floor. She's a bit mischievous. She tried to take the rug out from under the water bucket, but was unsuccessful due to its weight. She's very quick to grab whatever she can - silverware from the dishwasher, bones from a garbage can briefly opened, the remote from the couch. We're working on not counter surfing and she's doing better, but sometimes the smells are too tantalizing to resist.

She has relaxing down to a fine art already! Who could resist that sleepy shark smile?

Mary Kate Mary Kate

Updated: 12 April 2023 07:17:01