Lyon Adopted

3.4 years old · Male · Black · Cat Tolerance Unknown · Origin: Not Provided



Lyon is a greyhound brought from Ireland and in order to help with the additional expenses incurred their adoption fee has increased from $550 to $750 plus Texas sales tax of $61.88 for a total of $811.88.

Lyon - A Handsome Irish Lad…

Greetings from this Irish boy from County Cork, Ireland! After traveling to London from Ireland, he made the arduous 10-hour journey from London’s Heathrow Airport to Dallas and is now looking for his forever home. Here are things he wants to tell you about himself…

“First, I am an extremely handsome gentleman! My shiny black coat is complemented by a small white ‘lightning streak’ on my chest and sugar toes on my back feet. I was born in June of 2019, so I’m still a bit of a youngster. I must admit to being hand-shy at this time, but I am making big strides in that department. I do like me foster mum, er my foster mom – I follow her a lot and since I am very curious, I think I will learn many things from her. She has taught me to crate well, and my foster sister has shown me this marvelous hole in the wall. I’m thinking she calls it a dog door.”

“Did you know that there are usually yummy things on foster mom’s counter? I found a delicious angel food cake the other day. She told me it had been for someone’s birthday, but since my native language is Gaelic, I didn’t understand everything she had to say about that! I keep checking back in case she leaves anything else on that counter. By the way, what does ‘counter surfer’ mean? Did I mention I can jump very high over a kitchen gate?”

“I watch TV and have fun running with my foster sister. Foster mom says I am very sweet and I’m much happier when there is someone in the house most of the time. Don’t know about kitties yet – haven’t met one. Hoping to find my forever Texas family soon. Check with the folks at Greyhounds Unlimited for more information about my handsome self!”

Lyon Lyon

Updated: 12 April 2023 07:17:01