Cray (aka So Cra Cra) Adopted

6.5 years old · Male · Brindle w/ White · Cat Tolerance Unknown · Origin: United States


Pedigree Information

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Cray is a sweet but shy greyhound. He clearly craves affection and will follow his foster mom all around the house. Outside, he is eager to engage and will play bow to try to start a game of chase. He has happily accepted extended bouts of petting so long as his foster parent is in a non-threatening position (such as on the floor or in bed). He also gets excited when his foster mom returns home. However, he will usually back away when approached directly, and he is still uncomfortable with eye contact. It took about 2 ½ weeks before he accepted a treat by hand. Cray will require a patient family, but he has been showing improvement in his social skills almost every day.

Cray has excellent house manners. He has not attempted to climb on any furniture, and he is not destructive. He is house-trained, gets along well with his housemate, and eats normally. His leash manners are also good, but he can become overly focused on people walking behind him. He does not enjoy being crated, but he can be left out of the crate when his housemate is present. Cray sleeps through the night in the master bedroom, usually on his back with his legs up against the wall. He hasn’t yet shown any interest in squeaky toys, but he will pull a chew toy out of the basket.

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Updated: 12 April 2023 07:17:01