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North Texas Irish Festival (NTIF) 2004  
March 6th and 7th, 2004  

An Irish gig and a toast of Guinness to our volunteers who made the GU booth a success at the 2004 North Texas Irish Festival (NTIF). Thank You ever so much for sharing about greyhound adoption while the weather was simply gorgeous outside. What? You don't know who you are? Well, read on...

Bob and Debbie Bagley Mark and Kathy McCandless
Steve Cobb Melissa McCurley
Sammye Conway Shirley McInnis
Larry and Kim Danforth Jim McIntosh
Pat Dardenne Kathy Nellenback
Helen Dunlop Doug and Micky Nielsen
Pat Durrwatcher Gene O'Brien
Rich and Bonnie Fix Walt Rockabrand
Dave Gillen Jimmy Ross
Kerri Khoury Denise Saleh
Nancy Loret de Mola The Sabo Family
David and Sarah Martin John, Támi and Dharma Sledge
Hank Martin Ruthanna Sweatman
Evelyn McAlister Lois Teed-Gillen
Maegan McCalister Steve Thompson

We have a few photos from the event. Scroll down to see them. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger photo.

I'm just resting from the crowds. (**)
A well-dressed grey! (**)
Hey, it's cold outside. We greys NEED these coats! (**)
Who are You? (**)
Yes, you can pet the greyhound. (**)
Kindred four-legged spirits in a nearby rug, er, booth. (**)
Click for larger photo. >>>
Steve and Bruno (or is that Bruno and Steve?)
Click for larger photo. >>>
It's ok to pet the doggie.
Click for larger photo. >>>
Click for larger photo. >>>
I can dance! I can dance!
Click for larger photo. >>>
Are they always this calm?
(**) Photos courtesy of The Sabo Family.

You can download and view the above photos as a slide show. Before you begin, you should know that it is approximately 1.3MBytes.
It will take about 5 minutes to download with a 56.6kbps modem. If you want to watch the slide show,
click this link
, go get a cup of coffee, then watch the show!

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