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Dallas Home and Garden Show
February 27, 28, and 29th, 2004

A big Ahrooooo (greyhound-speak for "Thank You") goes to all of our volunteers who helped out at The Dallas Home and Garden Show. This was our first time at the show and it was a GREYT success. You know who you are, but here's the list so everyone else can see:

Peggy Brandt-Brown Deborah Henderson
Kathryn Burkhardt Kerri Khoury
Steve Cobb Nancy Loret de Mola
Sammye Conway Jim McIntosh
Tom Crull Mark & Kathy McCandless
Larry & Kim Danforth Dwayne & Nichole Miller
Pat Dardenne Pam Moulder
Jim DeGraff Doug & Micky Nielson
Helen Dunlop Gary & Mary Ramsey
Bonnie Fix John, Támi & Dharma Sledge
Dave Gillen Ruthanna Sweatman

Scroll down to see photos from the event. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger photo.

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The GU Crew at the Dallas Home and Garden Show.
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Are you talking to me?
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Gable, what do you hear?!?
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Yes, you can pet the greyhound.
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I Am Royalty.
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If I hide down here, nobody will see me.
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Who is serenading whom?
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We attract attention from all over.

And a special AhRooooo to Támi for her first time as our event volunteer coordinator.

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