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First Annual Paws and Wheels
May 3rd, 2003

The First Annual Paws and Wheels show in Lewisville was held Saturday, May 3rd. It was a combination Auto Show/Animal Rescue show. There were 40 automobiles registered for the event and 13 animal rescue groups that attended. The proceeds from the event were split between the rescue groups.

Everyone was very excited about the event and the Greyhounds were a hit. People were amazed at how wonderful and quiet the greyhounds were. Of course, this is nothing new to us, but it was good to hear. The other rescue groups were very jealous of the number of GU volunteers that came out for this event. What could we say? We have the best volunteers!

Next years event will be even bigger and better. See you there!

Thanks to the following volunteers who made Paws and Wheels a hit:

Hila Blochowitz
Terry and Rochelle Botkin
Sammye Conway
Jim DeGraff
Dave Gillen and Lois Teed-Gillen
Laura Hayek
Cami Heflin
Felicity Holister
Pat Johnson
Sherri Miller
Sherry and John Parady
Mary and Gary Ramsey
Sandy Sage

The following photos capture a few snippets from the event. Click on a thumbnails to see a larger photo:

Click for larger photo. >>>
Here we are, in the shade.
Click for larger photo. >>>
Click for larger photo. >>>
Can I lean against you?
Click for larger photo. >>>
Who says a greyhound isn`t a lap dog?
Click for larger photo. >>>
Some of the Wheels...
Click for larger photo. >>>
Ohhhh Noooo....
Click for larger photo. >>>
BYOS: Bring your own shade.
Click for larger photo. >>>
Some of the other Paws...
Click for larger photo. >>>
Need we say more?





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