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Denton's Dog Days of Summer (2003)
June 7th, 2003

This was the first year for Greyhounds Unlimited to participate in Denton's Dog Days of Summer event. Thanks to two wonderful volunteers, Terry and Rochelle Botkin, for suggesting this event to us.

This was the 10th anniversary for Dog Days of Summer. Usually this event is set up on Denton's town square but, due to construction, this year it was held at Civic Center Park. This park is full of big trees so our hounds could lay in the grass. Our booth was placed near the little pools set up for the dogs to cool off in. This turned out to be a big plus for us because our dogs received a lot of attention.

None of our dogs participated in the official costume contest, but we did have a few enjoying their own contest:
—  Chloe (Laura's grey) and Ebony (Felicity's grey) paraded with a silk emblazoned with "Adopt A Greyhound".
—  Lazy Louie (Terry and Rochelle's grey) sported Steve and Ruthanna's donation coat on several walks around the park.
Both of these coats sparked several conversations and inquiries about our wonderful Greyhounds.

A greyt big AhRoooo to the following folks who volunteered at our booth for Denton's Dog Days of Summer, helping make it a success:

Hila Blochowitz
Terry and Rochelle Botkin
Steve Cobb
Dave Gillen
Laura Hayek
Felicity Hollister
Gena and Dan Lahar
Shirley McInnis
Dwayne and Nichole Miller
Kathy and Matt Nellenback
 Ruthanna Sweatman

("AhRooooo" is greyhound-speak for "Thank You.")

The following photos capture a few snippets from the event. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger photo:

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The GU `booth`
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Dogs and people everywhere!
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`Wow, will you look at all the...`
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Dwayne and the furkids
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The hosts for Dog Days of Summer.
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Answer: See for yourself.
Question: Are greyhounds good with children?
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Do greyhounds lust for flowers?
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Interest at the GU Booth.
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Hey, I kinda like it down here.
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Where we were.





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