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Greytfest '99
October 17, 1999

A Personal Note to our readers.

I found these photos in my personal electronic album recently. I guess I'd forgotten about them. These are pictures of the final Greytfest held at the Combest's kennel outside of Hillsboro, TX. I don't think we knew at the time, though, that it would be the final Greytfest held there. (The name has since morphed to Greyfest.)

As I recall, the day was warm and overcast. Food consisted of hotdogs and hamburgers, served up by Al Combest and other volunteers inside the new barn. You brought your lawnchairs and blankets, and staked out a spot somewhere on the ground. Shade was in short supply.

Besides eating, activities consisted of: watching your grey(s) run in the turn-out pen, visiting a couple of vendors (Cu Mor Studios was there - the predecessor to Black Horse Design), checking out the greys in the kennel (I wish I had), meeting people you've never seen before, and helping the cause at the silent and live auctions. It was my first of many Greyfests.


Dave Gillen

A Final Footnote:

Well, leave it to me to show my ignorance. I did say this was my first Greyfest, didn't I?

I have since learned that Greyfest 1999 was jointly hosted by Al and Hope Combest, and Carl and Linda Perry. In the following photos, Al and Hope have the double-wide trailer and the GU kennel. The turn-out pen, the barn, and the area where you see the masses belongs to Carl and Linda.

And while Al may have been serving the food, Carl was cooking it.

A long overdue "thank you" goes to Carl and Linda!


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Standing inside the "turn out" pen.
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Cissy inside the turn-out pen. Muzzles were strongly encouraged. A new barn is in the background.
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Frenchy in the turn-out pen. Vendor and activity tents in the background on the right.
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Running in the turn-out pen.
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Contrasting sizes. I don't know who this grey parent is. Note the kennels in the background on the right.
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Overall view of the picnic grounds. Various auction tables in the foreground.





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