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Open House 2006 at the Lemon's Kennel
Saturday, May 20, 2006

We were all about the hounds, and the hounds would like to say "thank you" although it comes out as "AhRooooo".

Thanks to everyone for making this another successful event!

Special thanks go out to

- the many volunteers who worked tirelessly to pull this event together
- the many generous individuals and businesses for the donations
- YOU, for your generous participation in the events of the day

Some had their greys, others not, and yet some got a new greyhound to take home! New friends were made (both hounds and humans) while old friends caught up on times gone by. From many walks of life we came together for a few hours to share our love of the greyhounds.

We chatted with other greyhound parents, some we haven't seen in years. We opened our hearts and wallets. We bought greyhound memorabilia from the Sales Tent, entered in the Greyt Roo Raffle, or bid in the auction under the shade trees.

Throughout the day we also were able to enjoy some fine wines and wonderful snacks. Of course, a few of our four-legged children helped themselves to snacks from the tables.

And what should all greyhound parents do when they get home? Why brush their children's teeth, of course! Marijean Grunewald, DVM, educated us about proper doggie dental care. Doggie dental care is very important and there are many options, make certain you do your homework and give the very best for the health of your greyhounds teeth and gums (not to mention their breath)!

We did it for the hounds, and we had a good time.





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