Please be as specific as possible when answering these questions.  The purpose

of this form is to determine if you meet the requirements of the foster care

program and, if so, help us match you with the most compatible foster greyhound

for your family.  If you would like to make further comment than the form

allows, please add your comments to a separate sheet of paper and attach it to

your application.

Return the completed application by mail to:

    Greyhounds Unlimited

    Foster Care Program

    P. O. Box 703967

    Dallas, TX 75370-3967

Name:___________________________________ Spouse/S/O:____________________________


If less than two years, state previous address:_________________________________



Phone: Home_________________ Work_________________ Pager/Mobile_________________

TX Drivers License #:_________________ E-mail address:__________________________


Occupation: ___________________________ How long with this Employer:____________

Employer address & phone:_______________________________________________________


Spouse Occupation:______________________________________________________________

Employer address & phone:_______________________________________________________

Number, sex and ages of people that live in your household, and state how they

are related:____________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Is your yard fenced?_______ With what type of fencing?__________________________ Do you have a pool?________ Is it fenced off from the rest of your yard?________ Is your home owned or rented? _________ If rented, does your lease allow pets?________ If rented, give Landlords name and phone:_______________________________________ Have you, or anyone in your Household, been charged or convicted of cruelty to animals, child abuse, or a felony?_________ Other pets in Household - breed, size, sex, age, neutered or not, indoor or outdoor:________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Where did you get your greyhound(s)?____________________________________________ If other than GU, please provide a reference name and phone number:_____________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Name, address and phone # of vets used for other pets:__________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Where will you keep the foster during the day? ___________ At night?____________ What will you do with the foster when you are away overnight?___________________ What about when you take a vacation?____________________________________________ How will you teach housebreaking?_______________________________________________ How many hours per day, approximately, will your dog be alone?__________________ Do you have a gender preference?________________________________________________ Do you have an age preference? (under 12mos, 1yr-3yrs, 4yrs-6yrs, 7yrs-9yrs, over 9yrs) List all that apply:_________________________________________________ Would you be willing to foster a greyhound with special needs? (i.e. broken leg, needs medications, blind, deaf, extremely shy/abused, etc.)_____________________ Would you be willing to foster a dog other than a greyhound? (Italian Greyhound, Whippet, Saluki, Greyhound mix)_________________________________________________ Do you understand that a GU representative will visit your home prior to approval as a foster home?______________________________________________________ Which two informational shows do you commit to attend with your foster on a monthly basis?__________________________________________________________________ I understand that by signing this application I agree to abide by the guidelines of Greyhounds Unlimited, if approved for fostering. I agree to return the greyhound to GU if I cannot keep it, and to notify GU immediately if the greyhound is lost or dies. I also confirm that all the information in this application is correct and complete, and I give GU permission to verify any information disclosed within. Greyhounds Unlimited reserves the right to refuse placement of an animal for any reason. ________________________________________________________________________________ Print Name Signature Date ________________________________________________________________________________ Print Name Signature Date