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This web page has been established to allow expressions of honor, pride, love, congratulations and any other positive emotions that can be felt and expressed toward another be it hound or human. This can be used to recognize any occasion or event such as an anniversary, birthday, holiday, graduation or any other special occasion.

For your donation you get an entry into the “In Honor Of …” web page with the information that you provide. Also, upon request Greyhounds Unlimited will send an appropriate, personalized acknowledgment to the person being honored.

All of the proceeds from this fund will go toward the treatment, rehabilitation and placement of greyhounds into their forever homes. Your tribute will be displayed a minimum of 90 days. The minimum donation for posting to this site is $25.

In the event there is not enough space for your comments please email your comments to and complete this order by placing "see email" in the comment section below. If you have any problems please email

Optional Fields:
Opening Gesture: Happy Birthday Denny
Recipient: Denny
Comments: You have filled my life with joy since the day that you entered into my world.
Additional Comments:
Closing Gesture: With love, Dad
Acknowledgement Type (None / Email): None
Recipients Name: Denny
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Would appear as:

Happy Birthday Denny
You have filled my life with joy since the day that you entered into my world.
With love, Dad

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