Midnight (aka Eyes at Midnight) Adopted

2.8 years old · Female · Black · Not Cat Tolerant


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"Midnight (aka Eyes at Midnight) has an infectious smile and boundless energy. She is a puppy in every sense of the word. She enjoys playing with all kinds of toys and has endless curiosity. Unlike many greys, she loves to fetch and throwing a ball to her will cause her to race around at top speed, eventually returning the ball for more fun. She is highly motivated by squeakers! Sometimes she gets a bit too "loving" with her stuffed toys and they don't last long. Midnight is not small animal tolerant and has a high prey drive.

In the home, she sleeps in a bed outside of the kennel and with another grey as well as her people. She gets very anxious when separated and can be destructive. She would do best with other large dogs or people who are home most of the time. Exercise is very important for this high energy girl. She loves long walks and playing in the yard. During bad weather, she looks for ways to play indoors and is very vocal. Apartment living would not be ideal.

Midnight does not get on furniture but can be a counter surfer and a garbage can explorer. She has been known to search children's backpacks and closets for edible or inedible items, so puppy-proofing is definitely recommended.

With all of the challenges come the rewards of a completely devoted and loving soul. She comes by her name naturally - you can get lost in those adoring eyes and find yourself giving her an extra treat or tummy scratch, even when she is mischievous. She hugs, cuddles and "talks" to her people. Midnight is a happy, silly pup who will brighten your day, make you exercise and keep you on your toes."

Midnight Midnight

Updated: 23 September 2015 12:01:48