Archer Adopted

7 years old · Male · Red Greyhound Cross · Cat Tolerant



Archer has come a long way since he came into GU. He is still pretty shy, but has come out of his shell quite a bit. He is living with two other dogs and they have definitely helped him with building up his bravery. I think he will most likely do best living with another dog for company. He also is now with 5 cats- and mostly ignores them completely or is hesitant to go by them. One of the cats hiss and pawed at him and that's all it took. He sleeps through the night. He is getting better coming into the house- still hesitant and sometimes we have to sit down to entice him to come up for petting, then we can guide him in. Going outside seems to be less of a problem and normally he will follow the other dogs out. He eats very well but still prefers to eat in our office - which is where he's claimed a dog bed- he's with us when we work and it gives him some privacy. He is now able to get exercise and has started running full out and actually playing a bit with the other dogs. His muscles should be building up in no time. He is very loving and really wants the attention. He follows us around outside but not quite able to bring himself to come right up to us yet. We keep him muzzled overnight or when we're not in the house with him- only because he likes to get into things- the trash a few times and cardboard boxes seem to taste good :(. He will not take treats from your hand nor will he chew on dog treats- but I'm sure he'll learn as he loves to eat and cleans his plate every meal. We have been so excited to see Archer running and playing with the other dogs- he looks happy like a dog should!

Archer Archer Archer

Updated: 23 September 2015 12:01:48