Mila Adopted

5 years old · Female · Red Greyhound / Saluki Cross · Not Cat Tolerant



Mila is 55 pounds of cute…and fear. She is a good watchdog (very unusual) and will tell you if there are any strangers nearby, inside the house or outside. Plumber fixing a leaky faucet? A definite interloper who needs blasts of barking until she's sure he's gone. Neighbors walking outside their houses across the street? Mila can't have that. Her people need to be warned. Needless to say, she would not be a candidate for an apartment.

Mila is very sweet, calm and happy around people she's used to. It takes about a month for her to get used to a new person if that person takes a very slow and careful approach to getting to know her. Any new person triggers her “stranger danger” response where she looks at him/her like he/she's a serial killer. She would not be a good dog for a house with children or with children as frequent guests. They are far too unexpectedly loud and unpredictable in movement for Mila to get used to.

One of Mila's favorite activities is eating. She loves food, and is willing to try just about anything. In fact, she's become a mooch. She knows the sound made by the pantry door opening and will jump up out of what looks to be a sound sleep to see what goodies await her. Breakfast and dinner have her on her back legs pirouetting with joy as she tries to eat from her bowl in the air. After finishing her food, she checks all the other dog bowls to make sure every last morsel has been cleaned up. She can even catch food thrown to her from several feet away. She picked up that trick very quickly!

The other dogs (greyhound mixes) find Mila to be a good companion. In fact, one in particular is fascinated by her, but Mila doesn't share the feeling. She has started to mouth jockey a bit with the other dogs, and loves to play chase in the backyard. She also has started to vocalize a bit, as Salukis do. She's a great dog, and just needs a quiet, settled home with loving and patient occupants!

Mila Mila

Updated: 23 September 2015 12:01:48